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Your Soil Needs Life

Here at Everything Grows, we know that its the diversity of microbial life in soil that is the determining factor in the health of any root system.  Our Microbial Life Soil Blends have the ability to adapt and thrive in any environment.

Microbial Boost

Everything Grows' most popular product, because it's just so easy to use!  Place a tablespoon of Microbial Boost around the stem of your root system and watch your plant, tree, or flower grow!

Potting Soil

Everything Grows' Potting Soil is excellent for seed starting, transplanting, and filling raised beds.  It's a blend of chemical free mulch, peat moss, African nightcrawler castings, and microbial compost.  That's a future home and food source for the microbe, an immediate home and food source for the microbe, an immediate food source for the root system, and a diverse group of hard working microbes.

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